What to do to keep clean on or after a detox

Making the decision to go on detox might be the hardest step but if you don’t change your life cycle, your habits, your daily routine… Keeping clean might be just as hard as that. So how do you stay committed once the withdrawals kick in for the first time?

I was very lucky to have C’s full support and understanding throughout my detox, as this made it so much easier to cope. I also knew that if I didn’t change my routine, I would most likely fall into the habit again.

The most important step of all was moving out of the town I was living in at that moment. Might not seem that much important but if you have family or friends willing to support you with that, when the turkey kicks in, you won’t be near anyone you know who has the magic potion to end your pain.

Also, if you keep busy you will think so much less of what you are going through. Although it wasn’t planned, moving into the countryside brought me closer to animals. C has a couple horses of her own and me, as a proper city boy, was scared sh*tless the first couple times I was around them but I still had to help out, working with them. Today, however, I have my very own horse, I’m learning how to ride and am having my first steps into breaking a horse (training a “wild”, untrained horse to be riden).

That gave me lots of stability and the fact alone of having someone, even if an animal, depending on me, made me so much stronger in regards to keeping myself out of trouble and keeping up with my responsibilities – wouldn’t be fair this little cob not having a proper life because of my own stupidity.

This post turned out to be more one of “my own” than an “information” one, though I still think it is quite on the spot for anyone going through the same… Keep strong and busy and the road ahead will only bring you good stuff!

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