Physical Signs Of Addiction

How to know if you or a loved one is facing an opiates addiction?

Most drug use starts as a joke, something to do between friends. Problem is, many times it becomes a habit, making its use more and more frequent. Once this happens you will notice that it takes a higher dose of that drug to feel the high and it will last less than when you started.

From this point is where the whole routine begins. You will notice that you need the drug just to feel good, even if your body is still not begging you for it, you do feel you have to take it.

You might notice this problem and try to stop but at this moment it is already very hard to go through your day without the drug. If you stop using you feel strong cravings and even feel ill – this are the withdrawal symptoms.

Physical Signs Of Addiction

  • You feel that you have to use the drug daily or even more than once a day;
  • You feel that you always have to have some drug for the next usage;
  • You try to stop using it but you fail at every try;
  • You start doing things that you normally wouldn’t do, if it wasn’t for the drug (this includes stealing or borrowing money);
  • You start spending all your money, even though you need it for other things (food, rent, bills…);
  • You start focusing your energy and time in finding the drug;
  • You carry on doing things you know you shouldn’t, while under the influence, like driving or operating heavy machinery at work;

What To Do Now

If you think your drug usage is start getting out of control, please consider seeing a doctor while there is still time.

If you need help, the sooner you ask for it, the better are your chances of letting go of that addiction. You can speak not only to your family doctor but also to a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

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