How Methadone Works

Many people wonder how methadone works, that is IF it really does work at all. I hope this post can finally answer that question.

How Methadone Works

When a person takes methadone the body must transform it into something that can be used by his organic system. The liver does this and also stores any excess methadone in itself and the blood stream, releasing that excess during the next 24 hours – sometimes a bit more, since the more you take, the higher quantity is stored.

Some pacients on higher doses (70mg/day or even more) can go for a day or two without their medication. This is not recommended though, because as the stored dosage starts going down, the drug cravings  come back which might lead to an overdose, should the person try to have some heroin.

Once the methadone reaches the blood stream it starts being conducted to the brain, slowly as needed, to satisfy the opiate receptors. The powerfull side of this treatment is that even if a user takes, for example, heroin while on methadone, that person will feel no high from the drug, rendering it useless.

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