Heroin Rehab – What To Expect

What is the difference between detox and rehab?

Although the detox from heroin might be of a short duration, the rehab itself might take years.

Heroin detox is the fact of getting rid of all physical withdrawal symptoms – most of them described in “physical signs of addiction”.

Heroin rehab comes after the detox and includes helping the former drug user getting back to what we call normal life, since it will most likely be very hard. Most drug users tend to lose their non-using friends and family along the way. If no help is provided after the detox, they will just end up falling into addiction for the lack of social support.

3 Steps For Heroin Rehab

Step 1 – Detox

The most difficult step for most the users is this one. Detox requires self-will and determination. You know you are gonna suffer in the first few days but you also know you really need to go through this, to get rid of your addiction.

Step 2 – Psychological Treatment

Detoxing is not enough. You need help and support to go through with your life after you become clean. Ideally, a professional will help you get an answer to the main question – why have you gotten into heroin and is there a chance of relapse?

Step 3 – Aftercare Services

Now that you are through detox and rehab, you should still search for counseling, once in a while. There are many support groups out there and all will welcome you into their meetings. Sharing your past problems and especially your success will make you feel proud and help others that might be thinking or preparing to give that step!

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