5 months on methadone

4am and I am sleepless. Nowadays, i consider myself a changed man, though. Less than half a year ago I would be shaking for the lack of gear, 30 minutes before preparing myself to work.

Tonight is just a “normal” insomnia. 5 months on my script and i am so far away from the sample of a human that I used to be. I do know that I haven’t fought this battle alone – C was my rock. Everytime I thought I wouldn’t be able to get away from that poison, she made me believe, she gave me the strenght, she showed me I could.

Although I am still under daily supervised comsumption, it isn’t any hassle as I know I am clean and each day takes me closer to independency!

Quite frankly, had someone told me it was going to be this “easy”, I would have said they were full of it… The most important thing is WANTING TO LEAVE THE GEAR.

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