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I see you, the addict. I see you struggle, while trying to act like you’ve got it all under control. I watch you slowly die, while you insist you do not have a problem. I watch you refuse help, while, deep down, you know you desperately need it. I watch you build walls, while, inwardly longing for someone to tear them down. I watch you try to succeed yet repeatedly fail. I watch you try to love the people around you while destroying them. I watch you pretend to be happy and free; yet, truthfully, you are discouraged, defeated, and downtrodden. I see you. I was you. I am you.

BY: Misty (

What is methadone?

For more than 30 years methadone is being used as a treatment for narcotics addiction. Years of experiments and studies have proven this substance to be both efficient and safe eliminating the symptoms of, for example, heroin withdrawal.

Methadone tries to modify the drug user’s behavior and feelings about the narcotics they use in order to help put an end to their addition.

Although it has proven its success, this treatment has become a bit controversial. Since methadone is also an opiate, some people see this as leaving an addiction for other.

Nevertheless, it is still the most popular treatment worldwide and the official choice in most countries where the government offers treatment to their addict citizens.